This list relates to the year 2019/2020 which does not start until 01/09/2019
  1. This Little Art - Kate Briggs 2017 (electronic resource)

    Book Core Reading The library will purchase this book. There is one copy at the BCLT library Arts 2.27.

  2. Literary translation - Chantal Wright 2016

    Book Core Reading

  3. Is that a fish in your ear?: translation and the meaning of everything - David Bellos 2011

    Book Core Reading Please check library shelves for other editions. There is also a copy at the BCLT library Arts 2.27.

  4. Translation: A Very Short Introduction - Matthew Reynolds 2016

    Book Core Reading

  5. A living language - David Constantine 2004

    Book Further Reading Read ‘Translation is Good for You’, in A Living Language, pp. 7-25,

  6. Why translation matters - Edith Grossman c2010

    Book Further Reading

  7. Literary translation: a practical guide - Clifford E. Landers 2001

    Book Further Reading

  8. The scandals of translation: towards an ethics of difference - Lawrence Venuti 1998

    Book Further Reading

  9. Translating poetry: the double labyrinth - Daniel Weissbort 1989

    Book Further Reading

  10. Scofield 2.1.pdf - Google Drive

    Webpage Further Reading Read Katrina Dodson's 'Translator's Note'.

  11. Fidelity - Deborah Smith 2019