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  1. Microeconomics and behaviour - Robert H. Frank, Edward Cartwright 2016

    Book Core Reading

  2. Essay Links 3 items
    Here are the three BBC articles related to each essay question.
  3. Autumn Semester Lecture Materials 29 items
    1. Articles for Week 2 3 items
      1. TV Guide UK TV Listings

        Webpage Further Reading Look at what shows are on at 7pm on Friday. Imagine you have to sit and watch one. Make your selection, and then think about how this depends upon (a) preferences, (b) opportunity cost and (c) direct costs. What might stop you being completely satisfied with the choice you make? Does this mean you are irrational?!

      2. University of East Anglia to Norwich Railway Station, Norwich - Google Maps

        Webpage Further Reading Look at how long it takes to do this by various modes of transport. How might this relate to technological advance and the PPF.

      3. Fascinating facts about North Korea - Business Insider

        Webpage Further Reading Think about which elements of this 'Planned Market Economy' mean that prices and agents will differ.

    2. Articles for Week 3 3 items
      1. What are some real-world examples of perfectly elastic demand ? - Quora

        Webpage  This article gives some really great examples of where we see perfectly elastic goods

      2. EU mobile roaming charges to end in 2017 | The Parliament Magazine

        Webpage  This is a great example of where intervention is designed to cut prices and thus raise consumer surplus and cut producer surplus

    3. Articles for Week 4 3 items
      1. The Most Popular Tax in Europe? Lessons from the Irish Plastic Bags Levy 2007

        Article  Really Interesting Article on the plastic bag tax in Ireland

      2. UK should follow minimum alcohol price, say Lords - BBC News

        Webpage  An overview on the different economic factors surrounding the price floor by minimum pricing on alcohol

    4. Articles for Week 5 4 items
      1. Nothing the Matter with Kansas' Tax Policy | The Heritage Foundation

        Webpage  This article shows how there are unintended impacts of taxation (or lack of it). Look through the story and see where you can identify who tax or low tax is benefitting and hurting.

      2. Shapes of indifference curves | mnmeconomics

        Webpage  Look at these different types of indifference curves. Think about why they have these shapes when you impose budget lines on the map

      3. Suppliers fear Sainsbury's price squeeze after Asda deal - BBC News

        Webpage  Here is a great example of comparing producer versus consumer burden. Whilst not from a tax, it looks at who bears the costs based upon relative elasticities for the Proposed Sainsbury-Asda Merger in April 2018

    5. Articles for Week 6 3 items
      1. 8 Things Rich People Buy That Make Them Look Dumb | Money Talks News

        Webpage  Think about what this article is suggesting about the relationship between income and rational choice.

      2. What Businesses Do Well in a Recession?

        Webpage  Think about each of these 'goods'. Is this because they are inferior goods, a necessity good or a switch in preferences/priorities?

      3. What to buy if you win the Powerball 2017 jackpot - Business Insider

        Webpage  Ok just a bit of fun here. Look at these luxury goods and think about which ONE you would buy. Can you relate this to indifference curves and see why it is people might choose differently?

    6. Articles for Week 7 3 items
      1. Best value holidays following vote to leave EU | Travel News | Travel |

        Webpage  To what extent do you think this is driven by income or substitution effects. What other factors will affect these holiday decisions?

      2. Vegetable shortage: How to cope as supermarkets ration lettuces - BBC News

        Webpage  Here are a bunch of substitution effects seen when the UK ran out of lettuces earlier this year!

      3. Brexit: British strawberry prices set to soar by 50% as fruit farms face 'cataclysmic' fate without EU workers | The Independent

        Webpage  Looking at this article, what is driving this rise in prices? What would you expect the impact to be on demand for (a) strawberries (b) apples and (c) fresh cream during Wimbledon!

    7. Articles for Week 8 3 items
      1. Is there a butter crisis in France? - BBC News

        Webpage  Here is an article from last month on how prices are being affected in France because of the supply of butter... Useful to consider this in terms of substitute goods and the impact of price rises on the budget constraint

      2. How can the proverbs 'many hands make light work' and 'too many cooks spoil the broth' both be true? - Quora

        Webpage  You can see how these two old English proverbs can hold true together for one firm over a range of input levels!

      3. Are you revising too much? | The Bubble

        Webpage  See how the Law of Diminishing Returns does not just apply to firms - take note of this when doing your own revision!

    8. Articles for Week 9 3 items
      1. These Are The 10 Most Profitable Industries in 2017

        Webpage  Looking at these industries, consider whether each have factors of production which are fixed or variable...

      2. Tennis Balls in Economics | The Economics Network

        Webpage  This is an interactive game which should help you understand the notion of diminishing marginal productivity to a factor or production! The Economics Network also have loads of great articles and resources for revision...

      3. 26 Cost Cutting Ideas for Your Small Business to Reduce Expenses

        Webpage  Look at this website and in each of their 'tips' consider (a) which factor of production they are targeting and (b) how big a role technology is playing in trying to make the saving. Does this mean that each are short-run or long-run cost saving options?

    9. Articles for Week 10 3 items
      1. Summary of Budget 2017: Key points at-a-glance - BBC News

        Webpage  Given it was The Budget last week, here is a break-down of the main statements. Look through these and consider how they are intended to impact on supply and/or demand. I think you will be surprised at just how well these transfer onto the content we have covered since September!

      2. Perfect Competition is Bad for Growth

        Webpage  Whilst this is somebody's blog, I think it gives a very nice overview of some of the common-sense pitfalls of perfect competition.

      3. Does perfect competition exist in the real world?

        Webpage  This is a very short article questioning the assumptions of perfect competition - it also leads very nicely into giving you a flavour of some of the content we will be covering next Semester!

    10. Articles for Week 11 1 item
      1. Quiz & Worksheet - Characteristics of Complementary Goods |

        Webpage  This website provides a host of mini-quiz questions which should help you prepare for your course test!

  4. Spring Semester Readings 33 items
    1. Articles for Week 1 3 items
      1. UK households to choose water supplier under Ofwat shakeup | Business | The Guardian

        Webpage  Here is an example of the Government looking to break up a natural monopoly

      2. Price of Football: Full results 2017 - BBC Sport

        Webpage  Look at the various prices of going to football in the UK. Given each club has a form of monopoly, what factors do you think determine the extent to which prices are made higher?

      3. What the Monopoly board would look like at 2017 prices

        Webpage  Ok well this was just a bit of fun! But actually it is interesting to think about the game of monopoly and realise that this is a practical demonstration of how a market that tend to monopoly (as happens through the game) has the power to drive out other sellers (players) and build barriers to entry!

    2. Articles for Week 2 3 items
      1. Older People and Financial Inclusion

        Article  web-link:

      2. Foreign student fees: discrimination that cannot be justified | Times Higher Education (THE)

        Webpage  A really relevant article for you looking at the price discrimination in tuition fees

      3. What is price discrimination and is it ethical? | Econsultancy

        Webpage  Here is a nice overview on price discrimination, examples and the ethics of its use.

    3. Articles for Week 3 3 items
      1. Market segmentation example for airlines -

        Webpage  Look at how this guide shows some of the major elements that lead to segmentation in a market.

      2. Aldi profits fall by almost a fifth as supermarket price war takes toll

        Webpage  Here is some compelling evidence to show why competing on price may be a dangerous strategy.

      3. UK Most Valuable Brands - 2017 (Brand Finance) | Ranking The Brands

        Webpage  Look at the top UK brands. In each case, how often can you see there is an equivalent unbranded product and how much less expensive that good is. Nevertheless, how often have you still purchased from the brand in question!

    4. Articles for Week 4 3 items
      1. 6 Ways Comparison Websites Have Affected Digital Marketing Strategies

        Webpage  This article talks about how Price Comparison websites have made oligopoly markets more competitive and the impact this has on branded goods

      2. Strategies to Fight Low-Cost Rivals

        Webpage  This is a very interesting insight into an alternative argument on wen it may be profitable to stop playing in a traditional brand-based market and start to focus upon being low cost. It covers many of the theories we have looked at, but gives a new perspective on how it suggests to be successful...

      3. SSE loses 230,000 customers in 'highly competitive' UK market | Business | The Guardian

        Webpage  Here is a great market for showing the impact of not being price competitive - what characteristics of this market have led to these outcomes being seen?

    5. Articles for Week 5 3 items
      1. The Game Theory of Brexit

        Webpage  Look, we see somebody has indeed expressed the idea of Brexit as a game!

      2. How To Use Game Theory To Your Benefit - Business Insider

        Webpage  Not sure I should be sending article on how to make you better at poker, but here you go...

      3. Prisoner's Dilemma In Real Life - Business Insider

        Webpage  Here we see where experimental economics has been applied to The Prisoners Dilemma to test how well people really perform against economics theory's predictions...

    6. Articles for Week 7 3 items
      1. Cultural Differences in Ultimatum Game Experiments: Evidence from a Meta-an... 2004

        Article  Here is an academic paper looking at how people from different countries and cultures apply different strategies in the Ultimatum Game

      2. Why the world is like a real-life game of global domination | Business | The Guardian

        Webpage  This article gives a whole host of empirical situations that are like the classic games we discussed on Game Theory!

      3. Game Theory 101: Iterated Elimination of Strictly Dominated Strategies 8/5/2010

        Audio-visual document  In case you would like somebody else to talk you through the process of a strictly dominated strategy! This video is extremely clear and easy to follow!

    7. Articles for Week 8 3 items
      1. An Application of the Backwards Bending Supply Curve | The Sports Economist

        Webpage  Here you go - top sportspeople are good examples of those who exhibit behaviour like the backward-bending labour supply curve would suggest!

      2. YouGov | How much money do you need to earn a year to be rich?

        Webpage  The fact people have a target of what is 'rich' show that they would be adapting their behaviour and decisions on how long to work for as they approach these types of milestones!

      3. Who works the longest hours in Europe? | News |

        Webpage  This shows that there is no 'correct' answer on how many hours to work for. Note the huge differences between European nations in both their labour supply and also their subsequent productivities!

    8. Articles for Week 10 3 items
      1. How Economists Turned Us Blind to Our Own Goodness - Evonomics

        Webpage  This article explores some of the psychological reasons why we do not necessarily consider other people when we are making decisions, and if this trend is increasing over time.

      2. Environmental Economics: Coase in practice

        Webpage  Here is an example of where Coase Theory has been used in the real world.

      3. England's plastic bag usage drops 85% since 5p charge introduced | Environment | The Guardian

        Webpage  Here gives us a form of Pigouvian Tax which has helped solve an environmental problem.

    9. Articles for Week 11 3 items
      1. Friends - A Selfless Good Deed 8/3/2013

        Audio-visual document  This video suggests that Joey believes nobody would ever be anything than a free-rider!!

      2. Volunteering | Voluntary Norfolk

        Webpage  Volunteering is one way that economists see people contributing to public goods. Check out just how wide-ranging this is in Norfolk alone...

      3. Community grants programme

        Article  This is a really interesting situation where the City Council in Norwich are 'seeding' projects that could overcome public goods under provision. Notice how they rely upon the idea of local areas and neighbourhoods though...

    10. Articles for Week 12 3 items
      1. Graduates warned of record 70 applicants for every job | Education | The Guardian

        Webpage  If this article is to be believed, we can see the big problem for the employer (principal) n being able to effectively screen out the best agent for the job!

      2. EU’s gender ruling on car insurance has made inequality worse | Money | The Guardian

        Webpage  Really interesting article that all suggests that premiums were not discriminating, but instead they are a case of the insurer safeguarding themselves against moral hazard and adverse selection.

      3. UK home insurance premiums fall to five-year low | Money | The Guardian

        Webpage  Good news for us in Norwich. But interesting how this asymmetric information is constantly trying to be minimised by the amount of data collection and exploration that firms do in the insurance industry.

    11. Articles for Week 13 3 items
  5. Autumn Semester Workshop Materials 0 items
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