This list relates to the year 2019/2020 which does not start until 01/09/2019
  1. Core reading 23 items
    1. Care of the newborn - Marcia Edwards, Hilary Lumsden, Debbie Holmes 2010

      Book Core Reading Written by educators for the QIS programme

    2. Neonatal Care - Amanda Williamson, Kenda Crozier 2008


    3. Essentials of nursing children and young people 2018

      Book Core Reading A new publication incorporating neonatal care and issues throughout with a designated chapter 32 focused on neonatal care.

    4. State of Child Health report 2017 | RCPCH

      Webpage Core Reading Core information published by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (2017) highlighting issues with children's health in the UK today. Includes some interesting findings on smoking in pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant mortality which are of particular value to the neonatal course.

    5. Fundamentals of children's anatomy and physiology: a textbook for nursing and healthcare students 2015

      Book Core Reading Comprehensive book including direct relevance to embryology and neonates. Particularly important for adult trained nurses.

    6. Fundamentals of Children's Applied Pathophysiology: An Essential Guide for ... - by Elizabeth Gormley-Fleming, Professor Ian Peate, OBE

      Book Core Reading Comprehensive text with direct relevance to embryology and neonates.

    7. Newborn life support February 2016


    8. East of England Neonatal Operational Delivery Network (ODN)

      Webpage Core Reading Please refer to this link for online access to the East of England Neonatal Network

    9. Maternal, fetal, & neonatal physiology: a clinical perspective - Susan Tucker Blackburn 2018


    10. Legal, ethical and professional 9 items
      1. Beginning reflective practice - Melanie Jasper c2013


      2. Nursing Research - Kader Parahoo 2014


      3. Law and professional issues in nursing - Richard Griffith, Cassam Tengnah 2017


      4. For babies born premature or sick | Bliss

        Website Core Reading This links directly to the charity Bliss website. There are some important sections for health care professionals contained with the site.

  2. Further reading 15 items
    1. Pregnancy and infant loss: a guide for professionals - Chantal Lockey 2014


    2. Pregnancy loss and the death of a baby: guidelines for professionals - Judith Schott, Alix Henley, Nancy Kohner, SANDS (Society) 2007


    3. When Your Baby Dies: An Inspirational Journey of Grief - Renee Hogan Blythe 2013


    4. Illustrated textbook of paediatrics 2018


    5. Essential neonatal medicine - Sunil K. Sinha, Lawrence Miall, Luke Jardine 2018


    6. Rennie and Roberton's textbook of neonatology - Janet M. Rennie c2012


    7. The Great Ormond Street Hospital manual of children's nursing practices - Susan Macqueen, Elizabeth Bruce, Faith Gibson, Hospital for Sick Children (London, England) 2012


  3. Journals 13 items
    1. Advances in neonatal care: official journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses - National Association of Neonatal Nurses (electronic resource)

      Journal  An excellent specialist journal for high quality evidence based practice.

    2. Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

      Journal  Contains some very interesting and recent research on delivery room resuscitation.

    3. Journal of advanced nursing

      Journal  Useful journal articles even though this is not an advanced practitioner course

  4. Specific evidence based articles 7 items
    This section includes a selection of evidenced based articles to support learning of essential topic areas. Please note a brief selection of articles have been chosen to represent some of the topics and the level of evidence base required for the course. This does not replace the literature reviews required for your assignments.
    1. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews

      Journal Core Reading This journal issue contained a series of articles regarding thermoregulation.

    2. A descriptive study of nurse-reported missed care in neonatal intensive care units - Heather L. Tubbs-Cooley, Rita H. Pickler, Janet B. Younger, Barbara A. Mark 04/2015


    3. The neonatal nurses' view of their role in emotional support of parents and its complexities - Melanie Turner, Anna Chur-Hansen, Helen Winefield 11/2014

      Article  An essential read considering the complexities of family support and FCC.

    4. Advances in Neonatal Care August 2018

      Journal  This addition includes research on side lying position for feeding. Additional articles include feeding, pain management and positioning.