This list relates to the year 2019/2020 which does not start until 01/09/2019
  1. Weekly Reading 31 items
    You will note from the weekly programme that there are set readings throughout the course. The success of the seminars and group work depend on everyone doing the reading, as this will ensure that discussions are interesting and informed.
    1. Week 1 2 items
      Welcome and Introduction to the module
    2. Week 2 4 items
      Becoming a Pupil
      1. The social world of pupil career: strategic biographies through primary school - Andrew Pollard, Ann Filer 1999

        Book Further Reading Read extract from ‘Robert’s Story’ pp. 168- 199

      2. Childhood Today - Alex Owen 2017

        Book Core Reading Please read Chapter 7.

      3. Reflective Teaching in Schools - Andrew PollardPete DudleySteve HigginsKristine Black-HawkinsGabrielle Cliff HodgesMary JamesSue SwaffieldMandy SwannMark WinterbottomMary Anne WolpertHolly Linklater& 8 more 2018

        Book Core Reading Chapter TBC

    3. Week 3 2 items
      Playground Cultures and friendships
      1. The social world of pupil career: strategic biographies through primary school - Andrew Pollard, Ann Filer 1999

        Book Further Reading Continue reading extract from ‘Robert’s Story’ (pp. 199-224)

    4. Week 4 3 items
      Moving onto Secondary school
    5. Week 5 1 item
      Fear of failure
    6. Week 6 2 items
      Please read for the morning session: The Good Childhood Report (2018). In the afternoon session we will explore careers working with children and young people.
      1. The Good Childhood Report (2018) - The Children's Society

        Webpage Core Reading

      2. Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road From The Late Teens Through The Twenties - Jeffrey Jensen Arnett 2014

        Book Core Reading Please read chapter 2

    7. Week 7 - READING WEEK 0 items
    8. Week 9 6 items
      Sex and Relationship Education. Please be ready to discuss the reading in the morning session. In the afternoon we have a guest speaker from The Rose Project (TBC).
    9. Week 8 4 items
      1. Video resource 1 item
        1. Can't Bully Me Thursday, 25 Nov 2010

          Audio-visual document  Please make sure you watch this either in the scheduled session or at another time.

    10. Week 10 7 items
      Youth Transitions in a Risk Society and the Cultural Variations in the transition to adulthood. Please read the articles for discussion in AM session. The afternoon session will be devoted to your assignments.
      1. Celebrity, aspiration and contemporary youth: education and inequality in an era of austerity - Heather Mendick, Aisha Ahmad, Kim M. Allen, Laura Harvey 2018 (electronic resource)

        Book Core Reading Please read chapter 2 'Youth'.

      2. Miseducation: inequality, education and the working classes - Diane Reay 2017 (electronic resource)

        Book Core Reading Please read chapter 5 'Social Mobility: A problematic solution'

      3. Imagining the Future in the Neoliberal Era - Michela Franceschelli, Avril Keating 09/2018

        Article Further Reading

      4. Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain - Sarah-Jayne Blakemore 2019

        Book Further Reading

    11. Week 11 0 items
      Individual tutorials for essay. Prepare and bring an annotated plan to the tutorial.
    12. Week 12 0 items
      Summary of the module. The sessions this week will be guided by students.
  2. Learning Support Materials 37 items
    1. Required (Key) Reading 3 items
      Weekly seminar readings above and in:
      1. Children, their world, their education: final report and recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review - Robin J. Alexander, Cambridge Primary Review (Organization) 2010

        Book Core Reading

      2. Understanding youth: perspectives, identities and practices - Mary Jane Kehily 2007

        Book Core Reading

    2. Recommended further reading 21 items
      1. Inventing adulthoods: a biographical approach to youth transitions - Sheila Henderson 2007

        Book Further Reading

      2. Children, welfare and the state - Barry Goldson, Michael Lavalette, Jim McKechnie 2002

        Book Further Reading

      3. Youth - Gill Jones 2009

        Book Further Reading

      4. Youth lifestyles in a changing world - Steven Miles 2000

        Book Further Reading

      5. Youth in Context: Frameworks, Settings and Encounters - Martin Robb 2007

        Book Further Reading

      6. Youth in society: contemporary theory, policy and practice - Jeremy Roche, Open University 2004

        Book Further Reading

      7. Children, young people and social inclusion: participation for what? - E. Kay M. Tisdall 2006

        Book Further Reading

      8. Perspectives on Educational Practice Around the World - Sue HammondMargaret Sangster 2019

        Book Further Reading

      9. Respectable: Crossing the Class Divide - Lynsey Hanley 2017

        Book Further Reading

      10. Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain - Sarah-Jayne Blakemore 2019


    3. Other relevant study materials 12 items
      1. Useful Journals 8 items
      2. Websites 4 items
    4. Writing Skills for Education Students - Charlotte Barrow 2019

      Book Core Reading