This list relates to the year 2019/2020 which does not start until 01/09/2019
  1. Week 1: The Dissolution of the Monasteries and the Transformation of English Book Culture 0 items
    Copies provided of John Bale (1495-1563), 'To the Reader' of The Laboryouse Journey and Serche of Johan Leylande, for Englandes Antiquitees (London, 1549).
  2. Week 2: The Renaissance Library 0 items
    Extracts provided from: Edmund Spenser, Faerie Queene, II.x; Samuel Daniel (1562-1619), 'S.D. To his Booke, the Dedicating thereof to the Librarie in Oxford, erected by Sir Thomas Bodley Knight'; John Milton (1608-1674), 'To Mr John Rous'; Thomas Smith (1638-1710), 'Lectori', to his Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Cottonianae (1696).
  3. Week 3: Printing a Book: The Origins of English Printing 1 item
    1. The Cambridge history of early modern English literature - David Loewenstein, Janel M. Mueller, David Loewenstein 2002

      Book Core Reading We'd like you to read the essay by David Scott Kastan, 'Print, Literary Culture, and the Book Trade', from this volume.

  4. Week 4: Publishing a Book in Early-Modern England 0 items
    This is a research week which will require you to make use of a variety of resources.
  5. Week 5: Reading a Book: Marginal Traces 2 items
    1. "Studied for Action": How Gabriel Harvey Read His Livy - Lisa Jardine, authorAnthony Grafton, author

      Article Core Reading

    2. Livy, with an English translation - B. O. Foster, Livy 59/1919

      Book Core Reading We are reading Book 1 of Livy -- vol. 1, pp.1-215.

  6. Week 6: Commonplace Books: Notebooks and Miscellanies 5 items
    1. Collected works of Erasmus - Desiderius Erasmus 1974-

      Book Core Reading Desiderius Erasmus, De Copia, from Collected Works of Erasmus: Volume XXIV (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974-), XXIIII: 635-639.

    2. Early writings, 1584-1596 - Francis Bacon, Alan Stewart, Harriet Knight 2012

      Book Core Reading Francis Bacon, 'Letter of Advice to Fulke Greville', in Alan Stewart, ed. Early Writings, 1584-1596 (Oxford: OUP, 2012), 199-212, 794-797.

    3. Used books: marking readers in Renaissance England - William H. Sherman c2008

      Book Core Reading William H. Sherman, 'Sir Julius Caesar's Search Engine', in his Used Books (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008), 127-148, 211-216.

    4. A new companion to English Renaissance literature and culture - Michael Hattaway 2010

      Book Further Reading Arthur Marotti, 'The Manuscript Transmission of Poetry', in A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture, ed. Michael Hattaway (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), pp. 190-220

  7. Week 8: Cultures of Correspondence: The Early-Modern Letter 4 items
    1. Early modern women's letter writing, 1450-1700 - James Daybell, James Daybell, University of Reading. Renaissance Texts Research Centre 2001

      Book Core Reading 'Introduction', pp.1-15.

  8. Week 9: Visit to the Norfolk Record Office 0 items
    Search the NRO catalogue to find manuscripts that might interest you...
  9. Week 10: Norfolk Heritage Centre Visit 2 items
    1. The minutes, donation book and catalogue of Norwich City Library, founded in 1608 - Clive Wilkins-Jones, Norfolk Record Society 2008

      Book  'General Introduction: Norwich City Library from 1608'

    2. Local library provision : 1 Norwich [in] The Cambridge history of libraries in Britain and Ireland - David Stoker

      Chapter  David Stoker, 'Local Library Provision: 1 Norwich', in Vol.1, pp.264-74.