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  1. Weeks 1-2 Philosophy of Mind (Eugene Fischer) 3 items
    1. Minds, brains and science: the 1984 Reith lectures: p 13-27 - John R. Searle, British Broadcasting Corporation 1989

      Chapter Core Reading Check Library catalogue for other editions and reprints.

  2. Weeks 3-4 Epistemology (Eugene Fischer) 4 items
    1. Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? - Edmund L. Gettier 06/1963

      Article Core Reading

  3. Weeks 5-6 Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science (Davide Rizza) 2 items
    1. John Dewey's philosophy of spirit: with the 1897 lecture on Hegel - John R. Shook, James A. Good, John Dewey, ProQuest (Firm) 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading

  4. Weeks 7-8 Phil of Language (John Collins) 4 items
  5. Weeks 9-10 Ethics (Oskari Kuusela) 1 item
  6. Weeks 11 12 Political Philosophy (Alex Brown) 17 items
    1. Chapter of Political obligation

      Chapter Further Reading

    2. Political Obligation and Gratitude - George Klosko 1989

      Article Further Reading

    3. Law and obedience: the arguments of Plato's Crito - A. D. Woozley, A. D. Woozley c1979

      Book Further Reading

    4. 'Crito' from Five dialogues - G. M. A. Grube, John M. Cooper, Plato 2002

      Chapter Core Reading

    5. The Anarchism of Robert Paul Wolff - Harry G. Frankfurt 1973

      Article Further Reading