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  1. Reading List 4 items
    1. Accounting and finance: an introduction - E. J. McLaney, Peter Atrill 2016

      Book Core Reading Note: this book has a companion website and is linked to the computerised tutorial package MyAccountingLab.

    2. Accounting: a smart approach - Mary Carey, Cathy Knowles, Jane Towers-Clark 2017

      Book Further Reading This is an excellent book that simplifies the material. If you are struggling with Accounting, this is the book to read

    3. Accounting for non-accounting students - J. R. Dyson, Ellie Franklin 2017

      Book Further Reading Simple language text book for an introduction to Financial and Management Accounting. However, some of the formats are different to those in the core text book.

    4. Frank Wood's business accounting: 1 - Alan Sangster, Frank Wood 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Reading Great background reading for bookkeeping