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  1. Re-Thinking and rewriting Africa 6 items
    1. Week 1: Introduction - Rewriting Africa 3 items
      Achille Mbembe recognises that even as we know that Africa has been studied in a problematic way, it is difficult to study it in a new way – in a way that does not repeat and perpetuate the same prejudices. It is, he suggests, a real challenge just to figure out how we should study Africa. The following readings and videos are central for helping you think about your first assignment. Required (all available through portal):
      1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

        Audio-visual document Core Reading

    2. Week 2: Africa in the World: Historical Perspectives 3 items
      1. Africa in the World: A History of Extraversion - Jean-François Bayart and Stephen Ellis 2000

        Article Core Reading

  2. Week 3: Contemporary perspectives: African Union in the World 3 items
  3. Week 4: Governance & Politics 2 items
  4. Week 5: ‘Rise of Africa’? Africa in Global Economy 3 items
    1. Africa's New Economic Landscape. - Chuhan-Pole, Punam 2014

      Article Core Reading

  5. Week 6: Africa’s Cities 3 items
    1. Case study: Makoko floating school - Jan Riise, Kunlé Adeyemi 04/2015

      Article Core Reading

  6. Week 8: African Women in Power 2 items
  7. Week 9: African Perspectives on Security 2 items
    1. What is Security?

      Chapter Core Reading

  8. Week 10: Africa & the Environment 2 items
  9. Week 11: Innovative & Communicative Africa 2 items
  10. Week 12: Conclusion: Africa in the New Millennium 2 items