This list relates to the year 2019/2020 which does not start until 01/09/2019
  1. Film Business Key Texts - compulsory 9 items
    1. The screenplay business: managing creativity and the film industry - Peter Bloore 2013

      Book Recommended for Student Purchase Key text

    2. The international film business: a market guide beyond Hollywood - Angus Finney 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading Old edition of this book, but the value chain chapter is better than the second edition. However case studies now very old.

    3. The Business of Media Distribution (American Film Market Presents) - Jeffrey C. Ulin 2019

      Book Core Reading This is primarily about the American marketplace, but there is some relevant material here, especially up to date on the transformational effect of the rise of streaming.

    4. The Netflix effect: technology and entertainment in the 21st century 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading This is very useful on the strategic rise of Netflix and its impact

    5. Streaming, sharing, stealing: big data and the future of entertainment - Michael D. Smith, Rahul Telang 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading

  2. Film Marketing Key Texts - compulsory 6 items
    1. Supporting UK film | BFI

      Webpage Core Reading Vital website for research into similar films and their releases and marketing

    2. Promotional screen industries - Paul Grainge, Catherine Johnson 2015 (electronic resource)


    3. Think outside the box office: the ultimate guide to film distribution and marketing for the digital era - Jon Reiss c2010

      Book Core Reading Lots of useful material on film business (Especially Chapter 3: Overview of rights, markets and windows) and marketing. Also available via ebook

    4. Marketing to moviegoers: a handbook of strategies and tactics - Robert Marich 2013

      Book Core Reading Lots of useful informnation on film business and marketing. Especially Especially Chapter Four: Marketing in digital media

    5. Film marketing - Finola Kerrigan 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading Vital for "Plan a film project assignment"

    6. The TV brand builders: how to win audiences and influence viewers - Andy Bryant, Charlie Mawer 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading

  3. Film Further Reading 16 items
    1. The movie business book 2017

      Book Further Reading Jason Squire's introduction to the film industry, with an American bias

    2. The longer long tail: how endless choice is creating unlimited demand - Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson 2009

      Book Further Reading

    3. The cultural industries - David Hesmondhalgh 2013

      Book Further Reading especially Introduction pp.1-34, and chapter 6: Ownership structure and size, pp. 185-227.

    4. Entertainment industry economics: a guide for financial analysis - Harold L. Vogel 2015

      Book Core Reading A vital updated edition of an important text

    5. Managing media companies: harnessing creative values - Annet Aris, Jacques Bughin 2009

      Book Further Reading More on media business strategy and vertical integration as a whole than film specifically. Case studies are very out of date and little mention of Netflix but principles are good.

    6. The big picture: money and power in Hollywood - Edward Jay Epstein 2006

      Book Further Reading Now pre-dating the full digital revolution and Netflix effect but still valuable

    7. Strategic management - Richard L. Lynch 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Reading

    8. The Hollywood economist: the hidden financial reality behind the movies - Edward Jay Epstein c2010

      Book Further Reading Emphasis on Hollywood and too old to discuss the rise of streaming and Netflix

    9. Tales from development hell: the greatest movies never made? - David Hughes 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Reading Of interest to people wanting to know more about development in America, but not important to the course because of USA emphasis.

    10. Strategic management in the media industry: theory and practice - Kung-Shankleman 2008

      Book Further Reading Good on film and Tv organisational structures and business models, with many key principles around value chains, but now very out of date on case studies.

    11. The contemporary Hollywood film industry - Paul McDonald, Janet Wasko 2007, c2008

      Book Further Reading

    12. Free ride: how the Internet is destroying the culture business and how it can fight back - Robert Levine 2012

      Book Further Reading The first book to question the internet and You Tube distribution revolution. An interesting thought piece in the history of the development of film distribution and streaming. Now out of date and needs updating, but some good thought pieces to use as springboards for your essays.

    13. Creativity and cultural production: issues for media practice - Phillip McIntyre 2012

      Book Further Reading Especially Chapter 10.

  4. Television business and TV scriptwriting 1 item
    1. Story maps: TV drama : the structure of the one-hour television pilot - Daniel P. Calvisi 2016

      Book Core Reading

  5. Learning how to develop stories and pitch ideas 10 items
    You only need one or two books from this list. Start with Blake Snyder and Linda Aronson
    1. Save the cat! strikes back: more trouble for screenwriters to get into-- and out of - Blake Snyder c2009

      Book Core Reading

    2. Save the cat! goes to the indies: the screenwriter's guide to 50 films from the masters - Salva Rubio, Blake Snyder 2017

      Book Core Reading

    3. Into the woods: how stories work and why we tell them - John Yorke 2014

      Book Further Reading

    4. Film genre for the screenwriter - Jule Selbo 2015 (electronic resource)


    5. Save the cat!: the last book on screenwriting you'll ever need - Blake Snyder 2005

      Book Core Reading

    6. The writer's journey: mythic structure for writers - Christopher Vogler c2007

      Book Further Reading

    7. The 21st-century screenplay: a comprehensive guide to writing tomorrow's films - Linda Aronson 2010

      Book Further Reading

  6. TV Factual Ideas: Optional Further Reading 5 items
    This is not an assessed part of the course but we will sometimes talk about factual entertainment TV ideas. If you would like to read further around creating and pitching TV factual entertainment formats, or you would like to work in this field in the future, then you may want to read the following books:
    1. Billion dollar game: how three men risked it all and changed the face of television - Peter Bazalgette 2005

      Book Further Reading

    2. The business of TV production - Craig Collie 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Reading