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Name Code Type
Academic Interviews SCI5RD9Y Module
Advanced LaTeX SCI5RE6Y Module
Advanced organic synthesis (hosted by the School of Pharmacy) SCI4RB9Y Module
An Academics View From The Chalkface SCI5RE9Y Module
An Introduction To Pharmacy and The NHS SCI7RK4Y Module
An introduction to PlankTOM biogeochemical modelling hosted by the School of Environmental Sciences. SCI5RE7Y Module
Application Of Atomic Force Microscopy In Life Sciences (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI2RG7Y Module
Applied Linear Regression SCI7RH7Y Module
Atmospheric Aerosols SCI9RC4Y Module
Basic Introduction to ethics SCI2RA4Y Module
Becoming A Stem Ambassador SCI7RL3Y Module
Business Plan Competition SCI3RC3Y Module
Cancer Ecology and The Ageing Society SCI2RD9Y Module
Clouds and Radiation SCI9RD3Y Module
Committee Work (Chair) SCI6RC5Y Module
Communication Conversations SCI7RB4Y Module
Creating Effective Poster Presentations SCI3RA1Y Module
Creative Job Hunting SCI5RE3Y Module
Critical Appraisal Of Pharmacy Practice Research (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RK6Y Module
Data Mining SCI2RC8Y Module
Developing Your Academic Profile Through Social Media SCI4RB7Y Module
Development Of Nanometer Distance Measurement (Hosted By The School Of Chemistry) SCI7RD8Y Module
Editing Wikis and Wikipedia SCI9RB4Y Module
Effective Academic Applications SCI5RD8Y Module
Environmental Information Regulations SCI2RD6Y Module
First steps in data management SCI9RB1Y Module
Food Security and Sustainability SCI2RE6Y Module
GIS Skills 2 SCI9RE4Y Module
GIS Skills 3 SCI9RE5Y Module
Gradschools SCI6RB5Y Module
How Do You Make Crisps Sustainable? SCI7RE9Y Module
How to Build Your Career While Studying for a PhD and Making the Most of PPD SCI6RE8Y Module
Impacts Of Scientific Research SCI3RC4Y Module
Improving Your Use Of Microsoft Word SCI2RC4Y Module
Interviews Beyond Academia SCI5RE1Y Module
Introduction To Programming With R SCI7RH6Y Module
Introduction To Access SCI2RC6Y Module
Introduction To Laboratory/Fieldwork Skills SCI7RA1Y Module
Introduction to Matlab for Scientists SCI5RH7Y Module
Introduction To The Application Of Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis In Pharmacy (Hosted By The School SCI2RG8Y Module
Introductory School Research Support Training SCI1RA4Y Module
Javascript SCI7RN9Y Module
Lab demonstrating and seminar teaching in CMP SCI2RI1Y Module
LaTeX SCI2RC2Y Module
Leadership Skills SCI3RD2Y Module
Librarians Let Loose SCI9RB3Y Module
Mandatory Dtp Cohort Training SCI1RA5Y Module
Mapping Your Mind SCI3RB4Y Module
Matlab Dataprocessing and Visualisation. SCI9RC9Y Module
Matlab Fundamentals SCI9RC8Y Module
Matlab Programming Techniques. SCI9RC7Y Module
Media Training SCI8RB5Y Module
Medicinal Chemistry Postgraduate Problem Class Coordination (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RE3Y Module
Modifying A Research Skill Training Module SCI5RB3Y Module
Molecular Pharmacology Cell Culture (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RE5Y Module
Natural Product Chemistry (Hosted By The School Of Chemistry) SCI7RC5Y Module
Natural Science Undergraduates - General Information NATSCI-GEN Subject
Negotiating skills SCI4RC3Y Module
NERC Advanced Training Short Course - Ocean Gliders: autonomous monitoring of the marine environment SCI1RC9Y Module
Networking SCI4RD2Y Module
Neurolinguistic Programming (Nlp): A Short Workshop For Pgrs SCI2RH1Y Module
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Advanced SCI9RB9Y Module
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Hosted By The School Of Chemistry) SCI7RC1Y Module
Organisational Culture SCI4RD4Y Module
Organising A Conference (1.0 Credit) SCI7RL5Y Module
Organometallic Chemistry (Hosted By The School Of Chemistry) SCI7RD2Y Module
Overcoming Writers Block: The Typing Pool SCI4RA9Y Module
Oxidation and Reduction (Hosted By The School Of Chemistry) SCI7RC2Y Module
Participation In Pharmacy Outreach Programme SCI7RE7Y Module
Preparing For Transfer From Mphil To Phd SCI5RD3Y Module
Producing Films Or Videos For Educational Purposes SCI8RB3Y Module
Progress Reporting (Sci Pgr Students Only) SCI6RA1Y Module
Promoting Yourself and Your Research Making Your Own Videos, Screencasts and Podcasts SCI3RD9Y Module
Protein Crystallography (Hosted By The School Of Chemistry) SCI7RD5Y Module
Public Engagement Via Cafe Conversations SCI7RF9Y Module
Questionnaire Development (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RK5Y Module
R Programming SCI9RD9Y Module
Referencing Without Tears SCI9RC3Y Module
Research In Context SCI5RD7Y Module
School of Biological Sciences UEA-SCI-BIO School
School of Chemistry UEA-SCI-CHE School
School of Computing Sciences UEA-SCI-CMP School
School of Environmental Sciences UEA-SCI-ENV School
School of Mathematics UEA-SCI-MTH School
School of Natural Sciences UEA-SCI-NAT School
School of Pharmacy UEA-SCI-PHA School
Screencasting: Why and How To Capture Presentations SCI3RB3Y Module
Social Media for Academics SCI3RE8Y Module
Stats/Data Workshop (Hosted By The School Of Biological Sciences) SCI7RA9Y Module
Teaching and marking in mathematics (Hosted by the School of Mathematical Sciences) SCI4RB4Y Module
Teaching tips: working with students SCI9RE8Y Module
The Business of Research - Generating Impact SCI3RC1Y Module
The Knowledge Economy SCI3RC2Y Module
The Process and Regulations For Submitting Ethics For Clinical Trials SCI9RB8Y Module
The Process and Regulations For Submitting Ethics For Clinical Trials (Fmh3Rb7Y) SCI9RD1Y Module
Thermal Analysis Workshop For Pharmacy Drug Delivery (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RE4Y Module
Thesis Writers Group SCI4RE6Y Module
Training Of Field Assistants (Overseas) SCI7RG5Y Module
Training Of Field Assistants (Uk) SCI7RG4Y Module
Translating Your Credentials: Applications Beyond Academia SCI5RE2Y Module
Translation Of Scientific Or Research Material SCI7RG6Y Module
Understanding The NHS Ethics Process (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RK2Y Module
Understanding The Role Of The Pharmacist (Hosted By The School Of Pharmacy) SCI7RK3Y Module
Unix Crash Course SCI2RB7Y Module
Using GIS (Hosted By The School Of Environmental Sciences) SCI2RF6Y Module
Using SPSS for advanced data analysis III SCI5RH5Y Module
Websites For Beginners. SCI2RG2Y Module
What Is A Thesis In Ecology? (For Ecology Students Only) SCI7RG1Y Module
What Now? What Next? How To Build Your Career Whilst Studying For Phd. SCI6RE9Y Module
Word Processing A Long Document E.G. A Thesis SCI9RC2Y Module
Writing Effective Research Applications SCI7RJ7Y Module
Writing The First Year Research Report SCI2RD1Y Module

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Chemical Physics First Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:03:12
Chemistry First Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 09:49:23
Chemistry Foundation Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:02:47
Natural Sciences First Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 11:17:56
Pharmacology and Drug Discovery First Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:02:03
Pharmacology and Drug Discovery Foundation Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:05:58
Pharmacy First Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:06:56
Pharmacy Foundation Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:10:38
Physics First Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:18:35
Physics Foundation Year (UG) 2019/2020 18/07/2019 10:22:18